50 Shades of…Wall Art!

When you think about decorating your walls, it’s the perfect time to let the creative juices flow for some D.Y.I wall decorating inspiration. With literally thousands of ways to beautify the walls of your home, a blank wall certainly won’t get between you and stunning décor.

Whether you’re all for metallic décor or love block or ombre, we have ideas fit for every budget and experience level. Take a look at some of the most creative ways to decorate your walls this season…

1. Outdoor Wall Art a-la Chevron

Make a stunning piece of wall art using salvaged pieces of wood, not only are you putting old materials back into use (green thumbs up!) but you’re creating a brand new striking piece of art

2. Spray Paint Wall Art

If you’ve got a blank wall, a roll of Washi tape and a few cans of spray paint, you’re good to go, and the possibilities are endless

3. Fish Scale Wall Art

Layer some paper cutouts and create a completely different texture to you walls. Add a bit of spray paint to the mix and you’ve got a whole new look going

4. Color Block Canvas

Take some Popsicle sticks and paint them a bold color, then arrange them onto a canvas and voila! Art in a flash

5. Washi Tape Frames

Using Washi Tape, create numerous “frames” on your wall. Mix it up with different colors and patterns to create a stunning feature wall

6. Map Wall Art

Take pieces of maps of all the places you have lived and create a collage. Frame it and it instantly creates a fun map mural for your walls. You can even cut out shapes and numbers resembling the year you moved there

7. Starburst Mirror

Spray paint some branches from a floral supply store and glue them onto a plain mirror

8. Modern Lines Wall Art

Tape pieces of canvas to the wall to create sleek and modern lines on your accent wall

9. Tulle Wall Art

Use spray adhesive to stick strips of tulle fabric to a canvas, making it look like watercolor stripes from a distance

10. Sequins Wall Art

Add some sparkle and shine to your home by decorating old or thrifted frames with sequins and then hanging them on the walls

11. Clipboard Wall Art

Take stenciled letters to create a twist on typographic art. Glue the stenciled letters to cardboard and then stick magnets on the back. Frame a magnet board and use that as the base for your letters to stick to. Let guests have fun spelling out different words while popping in for a visit.

12. Pallet Wall

Take pieces of reclaimed shipping pallets, dismantle them and then fix them to the wall to instantly create a rustic look for your walls

13. Quotes on Canvas Wall Art

Using pages of magazines, stick them onto patterned paper using white paint to create a colorful piece of art for your walls

14. Tapestry

Transform large blank walls using your favorite piece of tapestry as a wall hanging

15. String Art

Using some nails and string can lead you to so many beautiful creations. All you need is a canvas, some nails and string. Put the nails into the canvas in your desired shape and string baby!

16. Song Lyric Wall Art

Take a blank canvas and then hand paint your favorite song lyrics onto it to create a beautiful, personal wall art piece

17. Shoe Box Wall Art

Never thought you could use old shoe boxes again? Think again! Old shoe boxes make the perfect floating shelves with just a few coats of paint

18. Circle Word Wall Art

Using self-adhesive tape sheets and a circle punch you can easily create fun words on your walls

19. Chalkboard Wall

Especially great in the kitchen, white chalkboard walls give you space to doodle and they look pretty neat!

20. Bookshelf Wall

Make one feature wall in your home a dedicated book shelf, showcasing all the books you have in your collection

21. Photo Bomb!

Arrange a bunch of family photos, all printed in black and white on one wall in your home for an instant look at past happy memories

22. Divided Photo Mural

Using 9 canvases have your favorite photo printed on them and hang them like an assembled puzzle on your wall

23. Whisk Broom Paint

Using a Whisk broom, create some texture into the paint on your walls

24. Pattern with Rollers

Using a roller to paint on white paint over a bold color really adds a touch of elegance to the walls of your home

25. Cardboard Shapes

Use a piece of cardboard cut into your desired shape to line out patterns onto walls and then paint them

26. Plus Pattern Shapes

Use some Washi tape to make and stick + patterns onto the walls

27. Shape Photo Wall

Print out your favorite pictures and then stick them on a blank wall in your favorite shape

28. Styrofoam Wall Art

Use cute fabric and then wrap it around some Styrofoam blocks, stick it to the back and hang as art

29. Foil Tape Wall

Use foil tape to create a wallpaper-like design on a blank wall

30. Book Shelves

Gluing old books on top of each other and then securing them to the walls makes for great floating shelves and they totally catch the eye!

31. Paint Chip Wall Art

Use a ton of different paint chips, stick them to a canvas and turn it into instant wall art for your home

32. Driftwood Photo Display

Use a piece of driftwood, attach some string and clothing pegs to it and then hang your favorite photos on display

33. Suitcase Shelves

Cut old vintage suitcases in half and then secure them to the walls to make interesting floating shelves

34. Letter Monograms

Using different sizes and colors of frames print and stick letters into the frames

35. Curtain Wall

Install a curtain rail to the wall and hang a bold piece of material on the wall for a striking display

36. Rainbow Wall

Take pieces of pallet wood and paint them different bold colors, then secure them to the wall to form a rainbow of color

37. Family Tree

Take a tree wall art sticker and then place pictures of each family member at different branches of the tree

38. Scrabble Tiles

Use large pieces of canvas and paint black letters (like the scrabble letters) on them, then arrange them in fun words onto your walls

39. Plate Wall

Using different sizes and shapes of the same color pallet vintage plates creates a stunning feature wall

40. Fabric Frame

Frame a piece of fabric or a wallpaper sample and hang it as art

41. Window Frame

Turn an old window into a great picture frame for large blank walls

42. Fabric Wall

Attach your favorite piece of fabric to the wall using starch

43. Wooden Letters on Canvas

Glue some wooden letters onto a blank canvas and then spray paint. Hang as art to decorate your walls

44. Rainbow canvas

Stick some crayons onto a canvas and then blast then with a hairdryer to create some fun and colorful wall art

45. Wooden Hangers

Use wooden hangers with paperclips attached to them to hang your favorite pictures

46. Clipboard Frames

Paint some clipboards with black spray paint and then use them to hang your favorite pictures

47. Cork Art

Stick old wine bottle corks to a canvas to create a corky piece of wall art

48. Recycled T-P Rolls

Using old toilet paper rolls and some black spray paint you can easily create a faux cast iron piece of art

49. Scalloped Wall Art

Using a gold paint pen and some plywood shapes you can easily create a scalloped wall

50. Mirrored Walls

Totally covering or hanging massive mirrors on walls instantly transforms the wall and adds that sense of space and airiness

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