Boys Bedroom Ideas

Creating an awesome space for the little man in your life definitely doesn’t mean it can’t be done in style. Whether you want to create the perfect nursery, an upbeat playroom or just re-do your boy’s den, there are thousands of ways to fire up your imagination and get them loving that room again.

For the Young Child

Young children and bold, bright colors just go together, so you really want to opt for some fun and inviting colors. You could try making a feature wall with some great new wallpaper or wall stickers that have some blue and red in the color scheme (which is the classic option) or try something a little bolder, such as swinging in a touch of bright yellows or even calming pastel colors to add the element of cool.

Nautical themes seem to be a pretty solid and beloved choice for smaller boys, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay anchored to the idea. Remember that when you’re decorating, you want to stick to design elements that won’t be outgrown too quickly, such as adding stripes to a room rather than childish motives on the walls. It makes the transition from toddlerhood into young teen that much easier.

For the Sports Junkie

If you’ve got a little sports mad son, you can put a whole new swing on the traditional football theme by adding a football table to his room and add some eye-catching sporting posters to a feature wall. If you want to achieve a more tranquil atmosphere, you might want to opt for pastel tones and some painted floor boards.

The Coziness Factor

While having a fully carpeted room definitely ups the coziness in your son’s room, it does add an additional schlep of carpet cleaning and nasty stains that come with the territory. It’s best to opt for wooden floors wherever possible because they’re practical, easy to clean and look great with just about any color scheme you pick.

Storage Galore

You can NEVER have too many storage spaces inside the room of a little person, and with boys, this is even more essential. Whatever his age or theme you decide on, always ensure that there’s sufficient storage space for all those Lego’s and toy cars. You really have a wide variety of options when it comes to storage such as

  • Hanging storage bins fastened to the ceiling
  • Modular storage shelves
  • Under Bed Storage

If you have two boys sharing a room, you could always opt for open-backed shelving which makes for a perfect room divider. Bunk beds are another must when it comes to two boys sharing a room and are optimal for space saving.

What about Themes?

There are literally thousands of themes you can consider when redecorating your boy’s room. We especially love

  • Pirate Ship Theme

Think a lofted bed in the shape of a pirate ship with pirate motives, complete with a steering wheel at the front end of the bed

  • Cowboy Theme

Go all out ranch style, complete with rocking horses and the Wild West incorporated into the room

  • Basket Ball Theme

We love the idea of having a lofted bed and having a little Basket Ball court underneath the bed. Style the room with all sorts of basketball paraphernalia and wooden floors for the “court”

  • Color Smash Theme

Paint the walls of your son’s room white and invite him to have a ball with a bunch of funky colored wall murals. Add loads of fun colored stools, bedside tables, cushions and rugs to emphasize the color theme throughout the room.

  • Teepee Theme

What little boy doesn’t love a tent? With the teepee tent idea you could build a massive teepee over his bed and make it his own little secret hideaway or just have a teepee tent as a reading corner in his room

  • Racetrack Theme

Here’s another thing all boys love…fast cars! The idea of transforming your son’s bed into a car is awesome and you can complete the look by adding either patterned rugs that look like racetracks on stick some racetrack murals onto the floor to finish it off.

Important to Keep in Mind

When redecorating your son’s room, you always want to keep the size and amount of natural light in the room in mind. If he’s going to be studying in there you always want to ensure that the room has adequate lighting to it.

Make sure the paint you choose for the walls is preferably a semi-gloss because it cleans easier and it’s just that much more durable, which is great for boys, they are after all cute little balls of dirt!

Weave your son’s interests into the décor by ways that can easily be changed and updated such as the bedside lamps, movable storage solutions and wall murals.

Redecorating can be an interesting and fun filled adventure, of you know what it is you want to do, so always do proper planning before you embark on the mission of transforming your little man’s personal space!

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