Girls Bedroom Ideas

Every little girl dreams of having her own chic and playful retreat, and it’s easier to accomplish than you thought…

Her sanctuary from the outside world as she grows up, a girl’s bedroom has to feel like home to her. From fairytale designs with princess bedding through to more mature floral finishes and sophisticated décor items, it’s easy to create that sense of safe haven for the little girl in your life

The Basics

Before you go crazy with design ideas and concepts, start by picking a base color theme and work with that. This could be anything from the color of the feature wall to the color of the bedding, furnishings and curtains.

The Bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom, so you really want to focus on creating a bedding space that’s comfortable to sleep and dream in.

Finishing touches to your girl’s room can be anything from pretty mirrors where she can play dress up or some spunky storage space for her to store her toys in

What Theme Options Are There?

While there are literally thousands of ideas you can try, we highlight some of the best themes for girls bedrooms here…

  • All the Colors of the Rainbow

Let a rainbow of colors shine through your girl’s room and touch everything from the pillows through to the walls. Remember, to create that sharp and eye-catching look, you want to repeat a particular element when using a strong color pallet, for example have circles take the lead in shapes throughout the room. Work with patterns all the way from the bedding, walls, rugs and through to the artwork in the room. To help soften up the bold colors, opt for a neutral color like white and sweep it throughout the room.

  • Functionality Meets Fun

When your girl’s room is fun, spending time in there won’t be the issue; it might be getting her to come out to the rest of the house. Make sure your girl has enough natural light in the room so she can effectively study and read in her sanctuary and try putting in a desk and chair where she can get her craft on or just catch up on some homework. You really don’t want the room to be just all work and no fun, so while having a work zone planned into the room is great you want to add ample soft seating, a fun color scheme and some whimsical decorating details.

  • Oh The Pretty Pinks!

All girls love pink, some of them more than others, but that doesn’t mean you have to paint the walls of her room pink. You really don’t want to get yourself stuck in a pink haze, so sticking to white walls give you more freedom of decorating as she grows up, keeping up with her constantly evolving style. You could always combine some pink and red and introduce some fun wall murals or graphics in prints and florals to her room.

  • The Cozy Corner

The real KEY to getting a room as cozy as possible is simple…work with textures. You can play around with different colors with the bed linens, the feature wall and accessories in her room but be sure to add a rug and some soft cushioning to sit around on the floor.

  • Steady As She Grows

Pretty is always important, but practicality also plays a huge role in your girl’s bedroom as she transitions from toddler into tween and teen. Try picking white furniture, which will be able to stay in the room throughout her different stages of her childhood. Choosing white furniture makes changing the color of bedding, curtains and accessories simpler. You also want to consider using accessories or design elements that serve a dual purpose such as shelving that also acts as a room divider or nightstands that hold magazines or beauty accessories.

  • Winds of Change

Most girls, if not all of them, have a constantly evolving and changing sense of style, always experimenting with new looks, so offering your daughter a solid-color bedspread and giving her the option of mixing and matching different colors of throws and scatter cushions gives her a sense of freedom to experiment with new design concepts.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days where girls had bedrooms doomed for frilly beds and all-over pink décor. Each girl is unique and modern day design elements make it possible for girls to bring a touch of their own personality into their sacred space, the possibilities really are endless.

Decorating a girl’s room can be a lot of fun, especially when she’s transitioning from baby to toddler, toddler to tween and eventually to a teen. There aren’t any solid rules when it comes to decorating a girl’s bedroom, the only thing you HAVE to keep in mind is that her room needs to reflect her personality

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