Intro to E-Design

When it comes to home decorating a potential client has many options for getting a great design plan from an interior designer. One option that is growing in popularity is the service of virtual design. What is remote design you might ask? Well it is when a designer is able to present you with a design plan for a room in your house without even having to set foot through your door.

E-design can be done completely through the computer and through email or phone consultations. This is a fantastic way for more and more people to be able to make use of the services of an interior designer. Most of these services can be offered at a reduced price making it much simpler to take advantage of the services of a professional designer.

Virtual design services will differ from designer to designer however most all services will put the focus on one room in the house. The prospective client will need to do things like send photos in addition to room measurements and images that may inspire the designer in regards to what they want done with their room. Many designers also have their clients fill out a questionnaire so that they can get the best idea as to what the client wants done in the room in question. mid century modern 1

This ability to offer remote design allows designer to expand the services that they are able to offer more services to their clients. Now they can offer services to clients across the entire county which can expand their client base considerably. They can offer something as simple as a new layout of new furniture or do a complete room makeover.

With e-design continuing to grow in popularity you can expect more and more designers to begin to make use of this technology.



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