Living Room Decorating Ideas

The living room is probably the one room in your house where you can really put your heart and soul into the design…

From color pallets to room designs, we have some great tips and tricks to help you make the most of your living room. It’s essential to remember that living room décor doesn’t have to be grand, some small features, new lighting or even something as simple as a few rugs can really transform a room beyond expectations

Your living room could be anything from a family room to a formal sitting room, or a room used mostly for reading and relaxation. If your living room is the only communal living space in your home, it could also be used for watching TV and spending family nights together. Whatever its purpose, a good living room has 3 key elements; the sofa or sitting area, the coffee table and a focal point. Take a look at some of our other great tips to get the inspirational juices flowing

The Architecture Should Be the Focus

Look at dead spaces and how you can use them more creatively, follow the natural circulation of space to get to grips how expanding or narrowing passages can create even more usable space. It’s all in the design and layout of the room


Circular seating spaces are great because they are the most inviting, allowing people to easily enter and leave the room on a central axis. If you want to create the element of effortless movement and conversational seating, circular is the way to go

Books are Beautiful

Not only do books create warmth and cheer to spaces, they also add a touch of the personality of the homeowner and add intrigue. Whichever ways you choose – stacking, shelving, sculpting with them – make sure you have some books in your living room to add to the overall feel of the room.

Mirrors are a Must

Your living room has to have at least one mirror, because it’s all about light here. By adding a mirror, you add a “window” in the space, you add vanity and you add reflection. Large scale mirrors work wonders in living rooms because they create the dimension of space, acting as “doors” or “windows”.

Rug it Up!

You should definitely consider investing in a few great rugs. Carpets and rugs transform a space like nothing else. Just be sure to keep it interesting and you’ll add a sense of elegance to your living room. Add a bit of shimmer if you like, whatever you do, just don’t be boring!

Window Worlds

Please don’t forget about properly dressing your windows! Draperies can make a room feel that much more amazing, and yes, sometimes they are a bit on the expensive side, but they are worth the investment!

Hang in there!

Hanging and eclectic collection of trays and frames makes an eye-catching center piece, and a focal point is something your living room can’t do without.

Play up the Patterns

You can mix and match as many patterns as you like, as long as you stick to one color theme. Trellis, animal print, florals…the possibilities are endless, as long as you stick to colors that go together.

Let The Light In!

Always keep your furnishings from weighing down the feel of your living room. Think Lucite dining chairs, open-weave coffee tables and walls that aren’t over-cluttered.

Write it On the Wall

There are some great décor wall writings available from online retailers such as that can really help spruce up a living room and add a touch of personality, with customizable wording, to give your space that extra jazz.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Adding a mix of polished and unfinished wood décor items to your living room and having a neutral shade on the walls helps to bring the nature elements indoors and helps liven up the room.

Small Space Solutions

If you have a small living room space, the trick of maximizing the space is to use appropriately sized furniture. Think sectional sofas that help define the space

Final Thoughts

To create a comfortable living space in your living room is all about layers, conversational seating creation and styling the room so that it’s visually and functionally stimulating. You want a space that’s edgy and fun while still catering to your need to cozy up every  now and then in the most casual way. Wherever your imagination takes you en-route to redesigning your living room, always ensure that you portray the essence of your personality in there.

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