Master Bedroom Ideas

Are you ready to transform your Master Bedroom into something beautiful where you can rest easy, then we have some great inspirational tips and trick for you…

There are thousands of sources when it comes to inspiration for the master bedroom, and whether you crave something serene or a colorful oasis, you can easily bring together bedroom furniture, bedding, wall colors and accessories to create a space you’re bound to fall in love with.

What Should I Consider?

  • Comfort

Laying squarely in the lap of luxury, is a beautifully dressed bed, and although you DO want comfort, you also want the attractiveness factor incorporated in there

  • Collected Appeal

Your master bedroom should be a reflection of your tastes, lifestyle and experiences all mixed together. Match-Match Master bedroom are a thing of the past. Think: the cohesion of metal and wood finished, different colors and fabric patterns. Really introduce a variety of textiles to keep the interest AND comfort levels as high as possible

  • Pretty Practicality

Choose furniture that’s attractive but also served a dual purpose such as a vintage writing table used as a nightstand. You want furniture that supplies generous storage space and tops that can accommodate loose standing décor features and accessories

  • Color Pallet

Okay so you definitely aren’t thinking pink when it comes to the master bedroom but that doesn’t mean the color has to be totally ruled out. You want to incorporate secondary design elements to the room’s appeal. Use neutral backdrops, patterned wallpaper, textured rugs and bold colored feature furnishings to compliment white bedding.

  • Seating

Sitting areas can really turn a room into an all-inclusive getaway. You can go for anything from stylish upholstered chairs to big ottomans and throw in a cute little coffee table in there. If you can, you want to get a nice rug into the sitting area, which helps to separate the sitting area from the sleeping area.

That being said, here are a few of our favorite designs styles for Master Bedrooms


Creating a peaceful retreat, serene neutral colors and solid fabrics look great in a master bedroom. You can incorporate velvets and bits of fur to add some coziness to the room. Go with beige and soft greens or blues for the color pallet.

Drama Mama

If you want to add a touch of modern drama to the master bedroom, you can accomplish it with adding black in various fabrics as well as to plates and frames on the walls. Use bold chevron stripes on the pillows and add a classic duvet pattern to add contemporary elements to this room.

Rustic Romance

Here it’s all about light-drenched window nooks, exposed wood beams and cabin inspired furniture. Antique wildlife prints and floral themed drapery bring the outdoors inside.

Clean and Crisp

If you want to achieve a clean look to the master bedroom, then sticking with basic whites will get you there, and gives you more versatility. Creating a focal point and getting light to reflect throughout the room is as easy as hanging a mirror above the headboard of the bed.

Mix to Match

Who ever said beige or white has to be boring? Throw in some splashes of periwinkle, crystal chandeliers or other forms of sparks and shine and textured ottomans to create a relaxing space with a modern twist.

Oasis of Organic

To get a natural feel into the master bedroom, you could opt for the exposed brick wall look, and to keep it from feeling cold, throw in some charming décor items such as a reclaimed door headboard and a quilted comforter.

Final Thoughts

Creating a serene and tranquil space for your main bedroom doesn’t have to be the schlep you imaged it would be. There are thousands of ways to spruce up a room with very little effort, and taking on the challenge of redesigning your master bedroom might just bow some new fire into the life of the couple occupying it.

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