Rustic Decorating Ideas

It’s in, its hip and its happening…rustic is the word on everyone’s lips when it comes to DIY decorating, and the great thing is its super easy to achieve the rustic look throughout your home

Rustic is all about finding beauty in all things, using what has already been used before and blowing new life into something otherwise useless. If you feel up for the challenge, we have some of the best tips to get your home rustic inspired in no time…

The Bedroom

The Rustic Headboard

Using just an old barn door, you can quickly give your bedroom that great country look. Pallet wood and old barn wood also adds another touch of extra rustic feel to the look

Twine Wrapped Closet Handles

To compliment that stunning headboard, you can add a touch of rustic to your closet handles by wrapping inexpensive twine around it. All you need is twine, a little glue and if you want, some brown or gold paint to complete the look.

Shelving and Seating

Pallet Shelves

They are easy to come by and relatively cheap, and you can do just about anything with old pallets. You only need 1 pallet and a few hours to create some stunning rustic floating pallet shelves. Stain them with your preferred color to match your existing décor.

Pallet Bench

Using old pallets and some concrete blocks you can quickly and easily create some rustic mud room benches that costs you very little to create and adds a touch of old style charm to your patio or garden.

Pallet Wine Rack

To spruce up any kitchen or dining room, use an old wooden pallet into a great wine rack.

Twine Lamp

Turn an old lamp into a breath of new light using twine and some glue. Simply slap on some glue on the base of the lamp and then wrap it with twine to create a stunning rustic look.

The Rustic Coffee Table

Again with the pallets, we know, we know, but they’re just so versatile! You need to dismantle an old pallet and then put it back together to create a beautiful rustic looking coffee table

The Kitchen

Stone Kitchen Island

This will take some more cash and time, but the results are simply breathtaking! You can easily make (or transform an old one) kitchen island using bricks and stones. It gives the kitchen a stunning rustic look

Wooden Back Splash

Create a stunning backsplash in the kitchen adhering wood pieces to the wall, and then paint it with a clear waterproof sealant.

Wooden Mug Hanger

An old piece of wood, some stain and a few hooks can leave you with a great new mug hanger for the kitchen in no time

The General Home Items

Mail Sorter

Using just a few pieces of wood and some small coat hooks at the bottom to hang your keys, some stain and a few hours, you can easily assemble a stunning rustic mail sorter that not only looks great, but keeps your mail and keys neatly organized.

The Planked Wall

If you ever had a fantasy about living in a log cabin, here’s your opportunity to bring that feel into your home. Using old pallets you can simply cut and assemble the pieces of wood to the wall and then stain them in your desired shade

Ironing Board Welcome Sign

Pick up an old ironing board at a flea market or yard sale and then turn it into a great welcome sign for your home. Stain and sand the board to give it that great rustic look and add your welcome message using a stencil and some paint, which will invite people into your rustic home.

Tree Branch Chandelier

All you need is a tree branch and a few clear Christmas lights to create a stunning, rustic inspired chandelier that looks great in a dining or living room. Hang the lights around the branch, run the cord along the branch and plug it in to the socket.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, rustic is all about reclaiming. You could go out and buy these items, but at what cost? Rustic says “made with love” and “home-made” like nothing else. If you really want to give your home that great rustic look, go ahead and try your hand a repurposing. All of these items we mentioned here have great instructables on YouTube and Pinterest by the way.

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