Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Just because a bedroom is small, it doesn’t mean your decorating ideas about decorating it can’t be big…

Don’t let the size of a room put you off, because what they lack in space, small bedrooms can more than make up for in charm and atmosphere. If you know how to work with those award corners, weird windows and lack of open space, they can become more characterized than most large living spaces.

We’ve lined up some of our best tips and tricks to help you figure out everything from storage ideas to decorating issues to help you get the most out of that small space.

Tip #1 – You want to create a Focal Point

If you want to avoid just seeing a jumble, you really need to create an eye-catching spot, a central focus point, which establishes hierarchy. Sometimes the focal point can be something as simple as an eye-catching headboard, spruced up by some bold pillows. To keep the center…well in the center, place the bed in front of the window of a small room as to avoid having the window and the headboard compete for attention, or keep one element, either the headboard or the window neutral.

Tip #2 – Stick with Small

Stuffing a large bed into a small room just for the sake of coziness and luxury really isn’t the best idea because it adds to the cramped feeling of the room. Go for a bed with a small structure or go for a bed with no frame at all like a platform bed. This keeps the middle of the room open and creates more space.

Tip #3 – Sneaky Storage Solutions

In a small room, every inch can be a potential storage solution. Think boosting the bedframe with blocks to add a voluminous skirt for under bed storage. Storage ottomans placed by the window double up as sitting areas that also store extra bedding. Make use of a vintage chest as your bed-side table where you stash more goodies. Use a closet organizer system and look for spaces on the walls where you can place hanging bookshelves.

Tip #4 – Create Boundaries

Framing your bed with custom cubbies creates a headboard and also gives you more space to store things. Opt for a mix of open and closed storage boxes that give you the flexibility to display only what you want others to see, while stashing the rest behind closed doors. To keep it from looking overwhelming, paint the headboard cubby design in one solid neutral color.

Tip# 5 – Color is King

While white walls and linens will help make a small space look bigger and airier, you should add a dash of bright color in the form of either an accent wall or decorative furniture to give that cheerful impact.

Tip #6 – Bunk Bed like A Boss

Trunk and bunk beds really work wonders in small spaces. They maximize your storage options and give you more room for additional guests to sleep over. You might also want to consider a bunk style bed that has the top part only, leaving the space below the bed free for a sitting area or a workspace of sorts.

Final Thoughts

While it’s true that you might need to defy convention when it comes to designing a small room, you can have loads of fun doing so. Always remember that decorating a small room requires a “Go for It” state of mind. You don’t have to break the bank to stylishly decorate a small room, but you do need an attitude that says “I’m going to save space in the most stylish way possible”

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