Vintage Decorating Ideas

While some people look for a beautiful place, others strive for making their own space beautiful. Some vintage pieces of décor could be just the thing your home needs to liven up and relive some antique moments

We have some of the best DIY vintage décor ideas and tips to get you started en-route to an era long forgotten that might blow new life back into your humble abode…

For The Porch

Turn an old crib into a vintage style bench using some rust paint and a few fancy pillows

Use old funnels and turn them into candle holders for those cozy porch nights

Use old rusty bed springs to make for cute little planters

Use old birdcages as vintage planters for your succulents

For The Bathroom

Use an old broken teacup and stick it to a wooden block to create a vintage soap holder

Take an old basket and repurpose it as a unique hanging towel or storage basket

Use an old mailbox as toilet paper storage

Secure an old suitcase to the wall to make for a beautiful vintage vanity or towel holder

Sand down and paint an old cabinet to create a cute little vanity case for the bathroom

For The Kitchen

Take old style display cabinets, sand and paint it with white paint, add some wooden shelving and create a stunning vintage display cabinet for your kitchen

Use vintage grocery store scales instead of baskets for fruit and veg storage

Place old wooden crates on shelves for instant storage solutions

Vintage tool boxes make great spice racks

General Home Vintification

Take old pallets and then stick them to the ceiling of your home to create a vintage look to the room

Using an old record and some cast iron; create a beautiful vintage side-table

Take an old dresser, remove the drawers, sand it down, paint with white paint and create a great vintage wine rack

With those great ideas in mind, here are some tips when it comes to getting the vintage look into your home…

1) Use Colors to bring in new life

Give old items new life with some bright colors. Spray paint them and display them

2) Fancy Candelabras

Some candleholders can be so boring, so spruce up the idea by using an old chandelier, turned upside down

3) Organization

Use old mason jars, milk bottles and jugs as vases, pencil holders and general storage space

4) Shutters are great for decorating with

You can easily turn old shutters into works of art by hanging them or leaning them against the walls

5) Shelving is Simple

You can use old boards to create great vintage floating shelves

6) Old Doorknobs come to life!

Old doorknobs can easily be used as coat hangers, picture holders and curtain hooks

7) Don’t throw old windows away

You can hang old windows as artwork, even old French doors can be hung sideways, add a few coat hooks and fill the section with your favorite photos!

8) Old Games are Still Fun

Old board games can make for really great artwork for your walls, and missing pieces won’t be a problem at all.

Final Thoughts

Vintage is all the rage right now, and it encompasses pieces of furniture that are lovingly handmade. Vintage is an affordable style that almost anyone can replicate in their home, and using our great tips, you’ll have it down in no time at all.

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